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Currently working on sound design and music for a short animation film about a Danish prisoner-camp during WW2,

 - and composing music for an RPG from a British game developer.

Photos by R. Allmand

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Animation director Lukas Damgaard's film Bliv is a story about an ambitious conductor who neglects presence with his son. As he is preparing for a big concert, he is suddenly sucked into his son's drawing. There he meets the two fantasy creatures from his son's imagination: Presence and Play.

They try to help him on his journey back to reality, to his family and to himself. Watch it here!

The soundtrack is inspired by the main characters classical and traditional background, but as we follow him into the fantasy-world the music becomes playfully exotic and even scary as the orchestra falls apart.

BLIV - Trailer (2022)

BLIV - Trailer (2022)

Afspil video
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